Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 7 - Victory

Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days. The point is to remember, revisit, reframe, reexamine the past year and share stories.

Prompt: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013?

I was in high school when I started watching The West Wing, and yet, to this day, I cannot think of Victory without thinking of this...

But I digress.
I was lucky (blessed?) enough to have many victories this year. I got a new job. Very recently, I even got a stellar promotion.  But how many times can I talk about work here? I spend enough of my life at and about work. 

So, for my victory that I want sealed as my 2013 Victory? Which occassion made me feel like I drank from the keg of glory?

It was in March, in Israel. We had woken up very early, after spending the night camping. We traveled by bus to base of Mt Masada. It was still dark out when we stumbled out of the bus, trying to decide whether or not we were cold. We climbed up the steep hill as the sky faded from pitch black to a hazy grey and orange. We were slowed behind a troop of 3 dozen Israeli soldiers in full packs doing their training. We got to cheer them on and make sure everyone got to the top. And then, after a few moments of rest, and a bit of a story, we all paused as we watched the sun rise over the beautiful desert expanse.

We sat there, no longer a bunch of strangers, watching the day begin in our corner of the world. We sat, soaking in the quiet beauty as the light reached and stretched to touch all places on Earth. And then we walked down the crazy, scary mountainside to tackle the rest of our day. But in that brief moment, we had conquered the mountain, and we sat on the edge of history.

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  1. Beautiful. That sounds like a great victory. Much better than a work promotion (which is still awesome, btw. CONGRATS!)