Monday, December 30, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 30 - BFF

Prompt: Did you find a new beat friend? Delve deeper into a relationship? Break up? Get back together? Tell us about who you added – or subtracted – from your life. Why?

Right around this time year, I was full of backflips in my tummy as I was officially welcomed into the One Kitchen Many Hearts Gang. We ride around on our Kitchen Aids and beat up any Hamilton Beach appliances we find. We have matching jackets, an intervention banner in the top drawer, and we go through a highly evolved initiation process. Okay, most of that is an exaggeration. Except some of us really do have matching leather jackets… I actually knew Megan already, and she kept talking about how I would really Love everyone and how sometimes they tweet things that could have been me and OHMYGOSH the sass.  I started to hang out with them on The Twitter, but this time last year I still didn’t really Know them. I’ve actually met two more of these ladies, but with the help of our chat app, we never go a day without chatting. We’ve leaned on each other through the hard times, celebrated each other’s achievements, and generally avoided a little bit too much work by chatting together. All of our husbands know when we’re chatting.

My hubs definitely knows; when I start to giggle, he asks “What did The Girls say now?” I’m either talking with these girls, or on group-text with Megan and our two closest trouble makers: Jackie and Taryn.

Speaking of… those are two more friendships which have really flourished this year.

We were starting to get close last year, and Jackie has been with us for a while now. But earlier this year, she agreed to run in the CCFA’s Team Challenge Half Marathon with me and it brought us to a new level together. We spent A LOT of time together this year, and I loved every minute. We’ve had Bubbie-Counseling with each other, consumed more than our share of bubbles, and loved some nerdy BBC specials of The Doctor and Sherlock. It’s been a wonderful year with her and she adds so much to my relief!

And then there’s Taryn… I’d always liked Taryn since I met her, but I didn’t really have a strong connection with her. We were friends, but we weren’t BEST friends. We got closer over the year, and then this fall, in a really embarrassing night that I won’t go into, we both had quite a bit of wine and ended up on the floor talking (and maybe crying just a little). And suddenly I consider her one of my best friends. Just when I thought I was getting too old to make friends like that…

These are not the only wonderful people I’ve added to my life over the year – I’ve already mentioned a few that met in Israel. But it definitely has been a year full of joy and love, and I feel very blessed to have these people let me in their lives, too.

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