Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 19 - Innie or Outie?

Prompt: Were you an extrovert or an introvert this year? Why? Is that normal for you? Or a switch from previous years?

I want to first make clear how I am defining this Innie vs Outtie question. And Extrovert (Outtie) is someone who draws their energy from the people around them. Going to a party isn’t work for them, it’s a way to get energized and jazzed about life. When they leave the party, they feel more vigor and liveliness. Sure they can be tired, but they crave to be around people.

Introverts, or Innies, like their alone time. They draw their energy from their own thoughts. Being around other people, and going to big parties is stressful for them. Because they get their energy from their alone time, when they leave the party, they usually feel more tired and will need time to recuperate from the stress of going.

These two types do not even show up in extremes. And it may be years before someone figures out which side of the spectrum they are on.

That being said – I am a thru-and-thru introvert. That is not unusual for me – if anything, I’ve come to better terms with it to actually embrace it and take breaks when I need to. What IS different about this year is that I have better utilized, even welcomed, the help of a few friends. I have a handful of very near-and-dear friends. The important thing that many introverts forget is that while big crowds are exhausting, some good therapy sessions with friends can be invigorating and even life changing. Embrace it when you need it – it made all the difference for me this year. 

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