Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 15 - Tethered

Prompt: What kept you tethered in 2013?

In short: leaning on the people around me.

I have developed and fostered new relationships, and cherished older ones, as I’ve needed people more this year than ever before. Not in the way that I’m slowly becoming an extrovert, but in a way that allows me to better define the difference between intro/extrovert, and really about drawing strength from one, three, or six friends at a time when I need it. That has not been something that I’m usually good at – I’m very much the “Bottle-it-up-until-you-explode” type person. Or, in my case, until I give myself a flare. Getting to know some of these fantastic people in my life – from a handful of new friends from Israel, to new work colleagues, new boyfriends of old friends, and especially “The Kitchen” gals (as The Hubs calls them). Focusing on these friendships, and even listening to their problems from time to time has truly made all the difference in what could have been (and kinda has been) a really terrible year.

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