Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 25 - Want

Prompt: What did you covet this year? Are you working towards getting that or just admiring it from afar? Is it a tangible thing or just an idea? Tell us about what you’ve got your sights on.

Home ownership! This is easy for me. It is a hard thing to work towards. Two siblings bought houses this year, and the independence and equity they are now building instead of just throwing money at someone else’s equity. I know it’s not all fun-and-games, but it seems to be the last big corner-stone of adulthood that I’m missing. Oh, and it’s a gate-keeper on the way to kids (according to some, anyways).

We are working on saving now and taking care of debt to make it more and more tangible. I don’t expect we’ll be able to even put an offer down in 2014, but we should be REALLY CLOSE. Squee!!

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