Monday, December 23, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 23 - Le Race

Prompt: Tell us about how you’ve been running along in 2013 and the race(s) you intend to run in 2014. These can be literal races or just the road of life. What did you path look like this year, and are you choosing the same for 2014?

My literal race was incredible. A (mostly) flat course with beautiful scenery. The entire time was filled with relaxing, would-be-friends, and only a little worry about my ankle. At the end was a great party and a nap.  My Life Race was very different… full of ups-and-downs, the view really sucked sometimes. There was a LOT of stressors, the loss and gain of some friends, and the occasional worry about my health. But at the end, there will be a great party, and then I’ll get a ton of sleep (I hope… but my cats have other plans…).

I keep going back and forth about whether or not I want to continue in competitive running. Although I’m quite slow and not really competing for any sort of place, I enjoy not coming in last place. Some days I’m not even sure if running for exercise is something I can maintain. But then I tie my laces a little tighter, turn up “Mr. Blue Sky”, and take a breath before putting my feet over another mile. That’s how I approach most days, too. Sometimes it really is just Too Much, but I can usually fake it a little and jam through another day.

That all being said… 2014 is proving hard for me to predict. I already have plans into April. I will have a new nephew to visit a lot. I have a growing career that will (hopefully) still involve quite a bit of travel. I hope we get to follow-through on our (very) tentative trip to Paris. And the hubster and I may, or may not, be able to take the first steps towards home ownership. But 2013 was such a… wreckage that I am actually glad that 2014 is such a blank canvas. I hope my race in 2014 is more like a minimalist painting.

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