Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Reverb 2016 - Sunny Surprises

Sunny Surprises //  Most of North America starts to get frosty and cold this time of year.  If you had an unusually warm (tank tops and flip flops warm!) day unexpectedly and didn’t have to work, what would you do?

As I type this, it is sunny and warm (50’s) in the south of France. There are palm trees outside. And yet I still cannot frolic (I have been inside the hospital, working, watching the beauty outside).

But were I home and the weather turned amazing, I would wander downtown Seattle, taking in the sights and tastes, and perhaps take a ferry to an island. I could enjoy the breeze and salty air. Or maybe head north, off the main highway, to a tiny town where Hubs and I went on our way to our babymoon. We can view the coast between the trees, eat at the homey café, and take in the antique shops in Edison.

Basically, anything I could do to soak up even the smallest amount of Vitamin D to stock up for the remaining cloudy days through May.

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