Sunday, December 4, 2016

Reverb 2016 - Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls // Show us your holiday decor!  If you don’t celebrate during this season, show us your favorite year-round home decor item.

We don’t have our Hanukkah decorations up (they are still buried in a tote from the move). I have two favorite decorations besides, though. One, still not up yet, is our wall gallery of photos from our travels. It includes photos from our week in Europe on the cruise, wedding and honeymoon photos, weekend trips away, and snapshots of our family. The wall represents moments in time that have lead our family to where we are now. I absolutely loved it in the apartment, but in the house, our first floor has so many windows that I don’t have a single large wall to put these all together. I think it may end up in our bedroom or going up the staircase. I do miss seeing it every day.

My other favorite, which is currently hanging, is out ketubah. It hangs in our entryway and is a daily reminder of those vows we took nearly seven years ago to love and respect each other. We entered the marriage as two people to build a life together as one, and under that umbrella of love and respect we welcome people into our home to become part of lives, as well. I love the art on the ketubah as much as I love what it represents for our home.

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