Friday, June 29, 2012

Grand ReOpening!


*Blows off dust*

Well, Hello!! Sooo... I graduated. You may now refer to me as Master. Master Kitchen, or Kvetchin Master will also do.

Okay, fine. We're all friends. You don't have to call me Master. But I'd like to gloat for just a moment. *Ahem* EFF YEA!!!! *cough* okay, I'm better now.

And now that my learning and, like, thinking or whatever is finished, I hope to make my grand re-debut very soon with actual recipes and what-not. Crazy, right? A blog with NEW POSTS!! Well, that's where we're headed. The wild and crazy future. And now, just a few photos of my awesomeness. Then it will be out of my system and I won't have to brag about it all the time.

Thanks for hanging with me!! Noms to appear soon :-)

PS: this entire post was created and edited on my phone during lunch... So I'll try to fix any wonkiness laterz.