Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OKMH 2013 - December!

The last OKMH of the year!

This month I received from Kat. I feel a special soul connection with Kat - like I do with each of the Kitchen Gals. Early this year, we both (separately) went to Israel to experience the wonders of The Place. We both enjoyed it immensely, and felt special connections to the food (duh). Between Israel and our cruise last year, I am in love with Mediterranean food!

When I first got back, I went out and purchased Jerusalem - I even recognized some of the places that I had just been to. It fit right into my cookbook hoard collection. 

And in our enabling helping group, Kat sent me another beautiful regional cookbook for my box this month: Balaboosta. This book is just absolutely stunning. I was hoping to cook something from it to feature in this reveal, but I had work and my sister-in-law's baby shower that got in the way. But I am looking forward to sharing many things out of it. It is beautifully written, with some touching stories around some of the recipes, which is really what makes some of these meals all the more special. I absolutely love the book, and cannot wait to cook just about everything in it! 
Cookbook soul sisters!

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