Saturday, October 27, 2012

C is for Cookie. And Crohn's

Crohn's can make things complicated. Like pooping exercising. Or work, or moving, or having energy to do anything. Basically Crohn's makes life complicated, and there is no cure, and I have it, and I'm running a really far, long time to help raise money towards research and a camp for kids that does not suck and is not complicated.

But do you know what's NOT complicated? Cookies. So turn right around, go back to Megan's site, and go bid on some cookies. The profits from these delicious baked goods (not just cookies, by the way) go directly to my fundraising towards my goal that will allow me to participate in a half-marathon with Team Challenge and CCFA. And you get cookies. That's a win-win if I have ever seen one.

Thank you for your support! And even if you lose some bidding, please consider donating even $5 (less than you were willing to pay for those cookies!) towards my goal. You can find my fundraising page, and more about my story here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crab Chowdah - CHOW-DAAAH

News Flash: I'm having trouble discovering what life outside of school should be like. Seriously - I have no idea. For the past 2 years... I've worked, gone to school, and then squeezed in some cooking in between study breaks.

And now... I work. Hang with my husband (which is addicting). I cook. A lot. I've helped Megan maintain sanity during the final stages of wedding planning. And I started training for this. And I haven't been writing. As I struggle with my "blogging identity", I am constantly amazed at the bloggers who can post witty and insightful things day after day - sometimes daily. I am still trying to learn, and I appreciate your patience as I continue to try. Because my cooking jazz hands are too jazzy to quit this. *jazz hands*

Manhatten Style Fish Chowder

In the mean time, let me introduce you to my new favorite soup. Manhattan-style crab chowder. Pronounced "Chow-DAH". Say it: CHOW-DAAAH! It has enough substance with the potatoes and carrots to stick to your bones as winter noms. It has enough fresh seafood and light flavor to be satisfying even in the summer. And it is, while a little indulgent, insanely tasty.

Manhatten Style Fish Chowder