Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

The following review is my own opinions, I did not receive any compensation - I just like fashion and shopping. :-)

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You can sign up through their website, input your style and size choices, then get a box of 5 mystery fashion items to try on and buy, if you want, all from your home. I have received 4 shipments, and until my latest one, I was ready to write them off. At the end of last year (my 3rd shipment), my Fix was late, I had some rough hits with customer service, and the Fix contents were SO BAD. But then the 4th one came earlier this year and it was like fashion heaven in a box, delivered straight to my feet.

I know lots of people who have been disenchanted with the Fixes, feeling that the stylist never quite "got" them, or maybe the sizing was consistently a bit off. While I was never completely displeased with my box (except for shipment 3), I had never loved EVERYTHING until shipment 4. For the first two shipments, I kept a 2 pieces and set the rest back. Bit of a mixed-bag experience...

The Brands: I haven't seen many of the brands in big retailers. There are a few I've seen at Macy's or Nordstroms, but never the same pieces there that Stitch Fix provides. I've been able to update my wardrobe with a few unique pieces, and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I like the conversation pieces. And since everyone's Fix is different (depending on timing, size availability, price preference, and style choice), there's still a big of a surprise every time!

The Price: The pieces I have received have ranged between $28 and $88 (website lists their average at $65) for all types of tops, bottoms, dresses, and jewelry. Now, let me start by saying that this far exceeds my normal clothing budget. However, for a few fun pieces, every now and again, I think it's worth it. The pieces have all been high quality, so I still feel like I'm getting value (even if not cheapness).

The Style: Because I so thoroughly loved and lost my mind over my 4th Fix, I wanted to share it here! Now, it hasn't all been winners...
Exhibit A: Failure from Fix #3
Exhibit B: Like, it was so bad.

My latest fix was 5 keepers. And the bonus is that if you keep all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount on the entire purchase! 
Top #1: Royal blue with lace detail

#2 Dress: Teal, jersey cowl. The belt is my own, but I love the dress so much

#3 Top: Olive Jersey Tunic. I love the shirring and length on this! It is so soft and comfortable, but still styled enough for the office with a pencil skirt

#4 The Jewels: A long, delicate, rosey/bronze necklace that is so versatile (and a better look at the olive top)

#5 Top - a royal blue silk tunic-peasant with cut-out detail on top. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!
The other fun thing about the style is that each piece comes with photo and fashion layouts with two different options to wear each piece. I've kept these for the pieces I keep, although I normally love the pieces so much that I don't need much inspiration to keep wearing them.

I wear these pieces quite a bit, and have considered them an investment in my professional wardrobe. You can get more casual, or even fancier options if you list it in your style profile, too. 

I will probably sign up for another for my birthday before taking an extended break (my closet is pretty full), but I so enjoy the surprises!

Are you interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself? You can sign up here through my referral link!

Do you have a favorite wardrobe staple?