Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reverb 13: Prompt 22 - The Uphill

Prompt: What uphill battle did you keep fighting and fighting in 2013? Are you going to keep fighting or let it go? Why?

Battles… Even the idea of picking battles is hard for me (I work to overcome my impulsive need to be right all the time…), but I think the biggest battle was fighting for myself professionally. The idea of standing up to leaders (whether they know my work or not) and defend my value as either a current employee (deserving raise or promotion) or as an up-hire deserving of a chance even if I don’t 100% match the qualifications. Professional risk is a big chance for me – and as I’m married as much to my work as my husband sometimes, it’s important to me that my career, in turn, adds value to my life.

I had an opportunity to learn from myself a tackle the battle approach on both sides of this. It took a battered ego to go 6 weeks without a call back from anyone except recruiters. As I accepted a position with a very generous task scope, I also fought to get recognition I deserved – and then I GOT IT.

The satisfaction I got by having a boss that would fight to keep me was just an incredible feeling. I have learned a lot through these battles (about the right and wrong way to sell oneself, without selling out) and as I will continue to be a career-woman, these are battles that I will need to become more versed at (Ignore the terrible sentence structure, please). These are the fights that every woman deserves to win!

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