Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Fashion

Not that I owe the blog an explanation, but I've been sick. Started as a strong cold, something I hadn't truly gotten over since Thanksgiving, and ended with a bronchitis-like cough. Luckily, it is resolving much sooner than bronchitis and just as my 7-days-sick-call-the-doctor timer ran out, I started to sleep through the night again, and to breath without wheezing.

Coughing fits are hard to work through. They are so draining. But I'm sure my abs got a good workout from all the fits! As a result, I have not been eating much. Or cooking for that matter. Frankly, barely functioning is accurate until this weekend. And I felt better just in time for a mini-Mommy-visit.

Stay with me as I get back into my routine - I have a few posts coming this week, and I am trying to get some Passover experimentation out of the way before my Israel trip in 12 days (maybe some packing narratives, as well).

For now... Here's my Monday fashion. I work in a business-casual environment, but have been concerned that chambray is even too casual. Today, I paired it with nice slacks, heels, and a chunky necklace and it was perfect for the work place.

How do you feel about chambray?


  1. Love the outfit. that necklace is to die for. sorry you've been feeling shitty. i'm in my bad phase now, too. i'll send positive vibes your way.

  2. Coughing fits are the worst! OK, that's not true...puking is the worst, but coughing fits are a close second on the Suck-o-Meter. Glad to hear that you're finally on the upswing. As for chambray? I live in yoga pants or jeans and t-shirts. Anything with a button placket is dress casual appropriate. Love the necklace!