Monday, September 16, 2013

Hangover: Part Kvetchin'

In May, my family descended upon Vegas. Most of it was innocent fun, but like every Vegas story, there were moments when I thought we'd lost people forever. Please to enjoy this travel post filler as I get my blogging ish together.

When I turned 21, my parents took me to Las Vegas. It was partly for me, but a little bit for them, too. My mom had a conference there near my birthday, so it was a little bit kismet. Six years later, my second youngest cousin turned 21, and two grandparents, three aunts, three uncles, four cousins, and a girlfriend all got together to celebrate! 

So you can only imagine the chaos that followed...

I love getting together with my family on these weekends - all these years later, now that the siblings are (mostly) getting along, it is so much fun to get everyone together. The shouting, the laughing, the joking... Did I mention the shouting?

The trip included a fantastic trip to the dam (insert all of the dam jokes - they are still funny!!). We didn't take the dam tour, but we walked around, got some sun, and stood in two states at once (anyone else a little weird about borders and being in two places at once? I love it).

Also featured on the trip was flavored sake, spicy edamame, excellent sushi, enough buffets to burst your belly, and a fantastic comedy show complete with long island iced teas spiked with red bull. 

The highlight (low light?) of the weekend was when my husband went missing (Hangover style). He left to play poker with my parents, they got separated, and suddenly it was time to leave for the comedy show and we couldn't reach him. They are not keen on phone use at the card tables, and he was deep in a tournament at a different casino than either dinner or the show. Luckily he wasn't out getting any strange face tattoos, but he was winning seats at poker tournements (he had to give them up because of our flights).

That wasn't the only time people went missing. At one point, over half of the thirteen of us were unaccounted for by the group leaders. There was almost always a core group, but as people trickled away (without a plan or a cell phone), we lost so many of them. Vegas has them now.

Just kidding, we found them and everyone got home safe and sound. The end!

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