Saturday, March 8, 2014

Code Word: OKMHHOU

Last month, after more than a year of dreaming and planning, we finally had a live, in person One Kitchen Many Hearts meet up. 

And it was more than I could have imagined.


The seven of us had met in parts in the past - I obviously knew Megan in college, I met Mads last fall when I was visiting my grandparents, and I met Allison on our Alton Brown Tour De Force last October. That left the other half of the group - Kat, Kirsten, and Jeanne - to be new people. I have to admit - there was a lot that could go wrong here. Jeanne welcomed a bunch of people into her home (bless her husband). You would hope that any "crazy" would have come out over the years as we chatted, except that psychopaths are pretty smart. Did she really know what she was welcoming into her home?? We have gone more than a year, as a group, with ZERO inter-group drama. I mean seriously - when was the last time a group of seven women could be friends for so long without any drama? And my real fear? What if, when we finally got together, we discovered that the internet was a great cover and we actually didn't like each other?

We met a special guest while antiquing... She was kind enough to help us out with a selfie.

That turned out to be a stupid fear.

In fact, the weekend went so fantastically, that we came home to realize that we'd forgotten to take more pictures. Instead of a weekend when seven bloggers got together, this transformed us quite simply to seven friends. It added some realism to our friendship, or at least ended any doubt there was about what kept us together. 

The only van with enough personality to haul us around

To be honest, the weekend was such a blur of friends and laughs, that I don't have much else to say about it (I mean, what would you say about your girl's weekend?). So here are a few more pictures.

One of the bomb-diggity breakfasts
We went antiquing, and happened across a scrap metal shop. Well, they had a series of flying pigs and I fell IN LOVE. Jeanne went all the way back after we left, just to make sure Al Porcino could make it home. Confession: I'm ordering a second one. Herd of flying pigs? YUP.

One of the best surprises of the weekend was a pinata donkey, who became our mascot. We even took him to meet his real-life baby donkey counterparts.

Seriously - daily pinata selfies. He was our 8th muskateer.
Are you my mama?

Even Donkey Pinata likes beer...

Belly rubs!

I cannot wait to see any one of these ladies again. Love you all so much!!

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  1. Belly rubs for the pinata! Bwahaha! How did I miss that one? Honestly, I think I'm still processing our weekend. Great doesn't even begin to describe how it was to give you a big ol' hug in person.

  2. Dude.... you gave my donkey a beer?

    Seriously, I'm with Kirsten. That belly rub snap was a hilarious surprise when your post popped up. This was such a great weekend, there's just no good way to describe it all. Your snap with the chef in Brenham and your van shot with Kevin are too fabulous for words. Thanks again for the OKMH treats and the SB mug from Denver, Land of Wind. Kevin & I are ready to pack up and do it all over again. Like now. Give Al a kiss for me!

  3. I damn near fell over at the belly rubs photo! And I forgot that Di was nice enough to pose for a snap with us. She's a giver, that one (is this joke totally morbid?).
    Related: Best. Weekend. Evurrrrrrrr.

  4. "The only van with enough personality to haul us around"

    I AM DYING. But it's really so true. Retrospectively, had we piled into a minivan every single time, we would have been completely on top of one another.

    I am so glad that we got to have that weekend and more importantly that it exceeded our wildest dreams. You are all such keepers!