Friday, March 14, 2014

Office Building Ladies' Room

Warning: this post is lewd, crude, and probably not socially acceptable. But I've learned something interesting and I need to share it. It's about potty time. And dealing with Crohns has given me a LOT to learn about. You've been warned... 

Pooping in public restrooms is a very real challenge and struggle. It is never more present than in the ladies' room. For some reason, women don't want to poo with anyone in the same room. Oh, we'll chat right through a pee, but someone lets out a warning fart and the room clears for privacy. 

But my office seems to have a... Code? We've all been part of the pooping stand-off, but there is something different I've noticed here. 
We have a two-stall restroom at my office. When someone walks in and notices that one stall is occupado, the newcomer will either (1) turn around and leave, or (2) wash her hands and then leave. The leaving is a less subtle "Hey, looks like you need some privacy." The hand washing appears to mean "I, too, need to poo. Hurry up."

I don't know how this started. But every lady seems to understand it. Seriously, so bizarre.

Also, given that there are 7 women working upstairs, two stalls is not enough real estate. 

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  1. hahaha What a bizarre social nuance! I really hate when girls do their makeup/hair and take FOR-EV-ER for this very reason. It's a standoff, and I plan on winning.