Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OKMH October

Oh hai, gurl!
It's time for another edition of One Kitchen Many Hearts!!
This was a fun month for me because together with August, this was the second time that I happened to be traveling to my exchange partner to deliver my package in person - which was SO much fun for me (selfishly). Be sure to check out Allison's post here. There wasn't much of a theme this month, making the package contents all over the place!

On the flip side, Megan sent to me this month, which also meant that I got to see her. While it wasn't quite traveling (we're lucky like that), it is getting harder and harder for us to get together. When we were in college, I really never would have imagined that by living 30 minutes apart, and each either full time jobs, and husbands, and blogs that getting together would be any trouble at all. Turns out it's SUPER DIFFICULT. Luckily, when we do get together, it's like no time has passed. It's so wonderful to have a go-to BFF like that.

So let's check out what she dished me...
 First off is a chalkboard thought bubble. I've been feeling extra sassy because of LOADS of extra stress from work. And this is just the thing to warn off any coworkers... or use in sassy photobooth shoot to add obvious commentary.

Next is notes! Not quite Beyonce, but it'll do. Us gals at OKMH are big fans of hand-written notes, and I am earning quite the stash... but I also dig the sentiment on these.

I mean obviously. Mitts are almost mandatory in these shipments, now...

"Hunting" Face
And maybe the most fun for both me and our kitty boys... A remote control mouse. As you can see, Mittens is a big fan. To be honest, so am I. I was afraid that he would be a little terrified (he is the more timid of the two cats), but he was genuinely into it and (as you can see) eventually picked it up and tried to destroy it.

His "WTH Is This?" Face

His "I'm Still Trying To Figure You Out" Face

His "Murder Shake".
That escalated quickly. As you can also see, he uses his extra cat-thumb to pick things up as if he had tiny cat-hands. It's kind of freak until you get used to it... please don't be alarmed. It's not like he's using his opposable thumb to stab You in Your sleep.

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  1. Whoa... Mittens has THUMBS?
    Why is he not folding laundry?

  2. Hahahaha! Folding laundry... Jeanne slays me.
    I need one of those thought bubbles. I think it would save me some angst. Bonus - no one would see it since I work from home!

  3. Uhhh that thumb is kinda creepin me out. Does he give you the thumbs up for extra catnip? And you're right, he's totally bigger than Josie and could destroy her. haha

  4. Sister-friend, I was laughing to the point of tears about the murder shake. Spot definitely does that one on the regular.

    Happy OKMH. XOXO