Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pro-Tip: Boxed Brownie

Okay, I know I already posted today, but I just had to share.

Today, I made brownies. Not for any special reason, except that the boxed mix in my cupboard was just past expiration so I thought I ought to use it.

I also had a half-used package of toffee bit left over from last holiday's Bake-All-The-Things adventures. I prepared the mix per the box, and folded in the remaining package (about a scant cup) just before pouring the whole thing into the prepared greased pan.

The end result is delicious. Rich, yet still simple without the mess of cream cheese or spooning peanut butter into the batter. Added benefit of using up odds from the pantry. Downside: now I have to eat a pan of brownies. Luckily the Hubster likes them, so he can bring them to work. I can't wait to be back in an office where I can pawn these things off on my coworkers...

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  1. I have tried posting comments to this no less than 5 times. Here's hoping this goes through:
    I WANT TO TRY THIS! I always forget to buy boxed brownie mix at the store and then I get all sad when I don't have easy brownies at the snap of my fingers. You just gave me a reason to keep it on hand, so I thank you.