Friday, April 26, 2013

April OKMH

It's that time again!

It was a very happy month! Mostly because Allison really embraced my nerdom and spent so much lovely time on mine! I don't have much to say on it because there was so very much squeeling and screaming during the opening process. Megan helped with many of the photos, so there's a lot of my face squeeling, as well.

For starters there was a hilarious cat card. Who doesn't love static cats?

Then I had a little jamming karaoke time with a highly realistic microphone that was HAND CRAFTED just for me by a certain lovely 4 year old.

And then, squeeling of all squeels... where... here's the video.

I was excited. For those who can't understand the video... she made me a scarf. Which is an EXACT. REPLICA. Of the 4th Doctor Who's scarf!!! And if you don't watch The Doctor, we can't even be friends anymore. Okay, fine, we can be friends, but I'm going to talk about it a lot and try to get you to watch it ALL. THE. TIME. So buckle up.

I also got some of these (also hand crafted just for ME) - TARDIS coasters. The drink is bigger on the inside.

And to keep in theme with our shared interest in #catsarejerk (Because... obviously.) So Allison also sent an adorable, hand-made Jewish kitty that I can vent to about my jerky cats (who have most recently eaten a foam roller for my running stretches...).

Finally, this woman knows her audience. She handmade a whole mess of class mustached disguises to warm my upper lip on my chilly runs. Believe me, my clever disguises might confuse you, but that's actually me in every snap below!! (gasp)

And not pictured because I eated it all... a homemade assortment of lemon and raspberry marshmallow and some prickly pear jammy jam (GET IN MAI BELLY).

Thank you SO MUCH to my friend Allison for sending me so many incredible treats. 

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  1. So, I'm totally squee-ing over the Dr. Who scarf and Tardis coasters, but SERIOUSLY! Those mustaches are so freakin' hilarious!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it all! The coasters were so super fun to make; they may become a theme (shhhhh!). HRH is very proud of the microphone, and she wants you to know that you'll probably become a famous singer if you keep using it. Now Ima have to keep those disguises coming! :)

  3. How we know that these friendships are for real: Because Allison would knit a Dr. Who scarf the size of Olivia. And action from-scratch coasters. What wonderfully perfect surprises. Now all we need is our own TARDIS and we'll be set to go. Happy #OKMH week!

    p.s. We are going to need a full bio of Shalom Kitten later.