Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm cold right now. Let me start over. This is not a real post, I have another coming in the morning. But for now, tonight is both hilarious and frustrating. See, I had a terrible day. I was just in an awful mood and the day was much my fault as anyone else's. I see that now. Because after an hour-long commute of 7 miles, and a terrible run where I just couldn't find a good cadence, and tight muscles, and a vodka gimlet, I feel better, and I can reflect on the terrible day.

But I am SO COLD. Literally shivering. Long pants, socks, tank top, long sleeve top, and a blanket and I'm still shivering. Because our heat is turned down to 58 degrees (which is basically off in apartment lingo). So the hubster and I have been playing a little thermostat roulette. Whenever I walk by, I turn it on to a SCORCHING 65 degrees (I mean really?). Whenever he walks by, he turns it off. AND I get a joking glare.

So the whole thing reminded me of this video and I was cracking myself up. Some guys have this same implant with regards to the wallet. Megan knows what I'm talking about...

I'm going to be physically sore tomorrow. There may a small part of my brain that forced it on myself - some sort of physical punishment for letting myself be in a terrible mood all day today. Self-induced karma and all that. As if Crohn's didn't do that for me already... But I needed the run. 

I'm proud of my body for getting to the point where I need activity like this. But when I got to our teeny apartment gym, I had to wait for the treadmill to get free. I decided to do a little warm-up on the elliptical. Except replace "little" with "full" and "warm-up" with "20 minute hill climb work-out" and you would have a better idea of my punishment. And THEN I ran my 28 minute interval schedule. There are a lot of things you could call that. Motivated, getting fit, destressing... I would call it dumb. 48 minutes of cardio while trying to out-run my bad mood? Surprise - I'm going to hurt tomorrow. And the next day. Woops. I'm sore all over right now. Wanna know what's not sore? My ankle. (Jazz Hands)

And that's the win for today. The teeny win that I will take over all the other suck.

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  1. What is it with trying to outrun the remains of a craptastic day? Been there, and confident I'll do it again. You did it. That's all that matters.