Saturday, October 27, 2012

C is for Cookie. And Crohn's

Crohn's can make things complicated. Like pooping exercising. Or work, or moving, or having energy to do anything. Basically Crohn's makes life complicated, and there is no cure, and I have it, and I'm running a really far, long time to help raise money towards research and a camp for kids that does not suck and is not complicated.

But do you know what's NOT complicated? Cookies. So turn right around, go back to Megan's site, and go bid on some cookies. The profits from these delicious baked goods (not just cookies, by the way) go directly to my fundraising towards my goal that will allow me to participate in a half-marathon with Team Challenge and CCFA. And you get cookies. That's a win-win if I have ever seen one.

Thank you for your support! And even if you lose some bidding, please consider donating even $5 (less than you were willing to pay for those cookies!) towards my goal. You can find my fundraising page, and more about my story here.


  1. "Like poooping." HAHAHA! Best, most true, sentence ever! I am one of the bloggers sharing cookies for the bake sale, and I am also one of the fellow 1.4 million with you. So excited to hear that you are DOING something for us. Thank you for running, and thank you for speaking up!

  2. Hi Beka! I am so excited that you are making such a difference in finding a cure! I also suffer with Crohn's disease and I am so touched by your story!