Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green chili... Again.


Boys and Girls - for the first time in my decade of filing taxes (whoa... let's pause and reflect on the fact that I have had a job for 10 years now while only managing to be out of school for 2 of them...) I have filed taxes before April. Just last year, I filed for the first time before April 14th at 11 pm at night. Not only is it not the 12th hour before they're due, but in case you haven't seen a calendar, it's also still January. Some people don't even have their forms yet - but mine are DONE! Yippee!! So, in celebration (and before I get dragged into homework for the night...), you get another post!

Pork shoulder, cubed

I'm having sleeping issues - it usually happens right around my bi-monthly drug infusion. I get fatigued towards the end of the 8 weeks. So I up my caffeine intake. In the days following the infusion, my body rebounds, and I get even more tired. Then it gets better for 7 weeks. But yesterday I was dragging - so I had delicious coffee all day (sshhh - I know I shouldn't. Does that make it better? No? Well, I did it) and into class. Can you see what's coming next? Yup - I got home from class at 9 pm and was so jazzed that I couldn't sleep. So, I did a little homework reading, a little surfing the net, and a little work email answering. About 1 am, I finally tuckered myself out and tried for sleep. Which is fine, but it means that 6:30 comes around real quick. And then I overslept and have had coffee all day. And now - here we are at 7:30 pm and I'm excited about my maturity for finishing taxes, and all that caffeine, and maybe I've already had a mug cake but haven't started dinner, so I'm a little wired. I was going to go to bed at 8 pm to catch up on sleep. Are you laughing? I'm laughing a little.

Diced onion

I thought I would catch up on a pot by finally posting about some delicious green chili I made. But guess what? I already posted about it. Embarrassing... I did realize I couldn't post any pictures because I was a terrible blogger the first time. And I made it again because it was that good. And took pictures the second time (blogger redemption!). Enjoy the pictures (not many) and think about a spicy love jacuzzi of chili to celebrates Valentine's day.

Feel the delicious burn

Searing the meat

Tomatillos (again)

Sr. Jose to help

Spicy Love Jacuzzi

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