Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog that ish!

I've been having some writer's block issues. Not just here - but on my school papers, too. It's a problem. But I have been cooking. And now I have a back-log of recipes to post, especially since I realized today that I haven't posted a recipe since spring... and now it's almost fall. What a tragedy!! I'm working on it! I probably won't get caught up this month (due to 2 papers being due), but once I get into the swing of classes, I'm hoping I can keep up. If nothing else, I will learn to post without a witty story and just a recipe - but that's sort of boring... so maybe just learn to create shorter stories.

I have this rambling problem, see? But I'm going to tell a little story that I'm going to learn from. Once upon a time, I went to a movie with my bestie. Now, at movies they have started to show commercials mixed with the previews. It's horrible. But we saw a commercial, and to be honest I don't even remember what the commercial was about. But basically, some PR person set up two "Hollywood" personalities - they were given a place to live, a car to drive, new phones, and basically saying that their whole lives were a set-up. On the new phones, she told them that they had to "twitter" now - the helpless man-celebrity said "But I don't know how to tweet!" and PR lady responded "That right there? That's a tweet! Tweet that sh*t!" We still laugh about it. And we have no idea what the commercial was about. Advertising at it's finest, folks! Money well-spent...

What's the lesson? Why am I tell you about a pointless commercial where I only remember the punchline? That's a blog post. Blog that sh*t. It's a new level to "This is SO going in my blog!!"

I have writer's block. That's a blog. I'm working on finding the story (the "blog" if you will) in the everyday events. I don't have to write about big stuff, and I am trying to post about the little stuff, too (like, I made pancakes!). 

As a distraction (because I'm having technical issues with posting my recipes...) here are some photos of my weekend trip to Pullman, WA where I watched the Cougs trounce UNLV, and where we had a strict curfew because our sleeping arrangements were confounded by RVs.  

Cougar Football - 'MERICA!!

Giving a newborn baby to a wild animal... seems legit.

This was under construction when I graduated - looks nice now.


Sunset with a polarizer filter...

Stir crazy on the Butte

Trying to make curfew

Driving by the beautiful fields

Just barely made it!

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